Your online social life is getting richer every day with the new photos you post and the comments friends make.  Keep it all safe with


Own your story. With you have a copy of all your posts, and interactions from friends and fans, safely stored in one place on your computer. It's your life after all!

@socialsafe thanks for helping me round up all my social media data, its like herding cats, but you guys let me do it economically #relief @davidavdavid

Email yourself a reminder!
Email yourself a reminder!

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A post, photo, comment, friend, like, link ... All are incredibly difficult to find using the social networks' own search tools. With everything is just a couple of clicks away.

It's saved me more than a few times by easily locating the information I need right away. I highly recommend backing up your social content using SocialSafe Christine, Santa Cruz County 


Enjoy looking back at not just your photos, but at your friends' comments too. will also surprise you with flashbacks from your past.

To all the Instagrammers.. you can use @SocialSafe to download ALL your Instagram photos securely for free #recommended 


Find out what are your most popular posts, see how often you use particular Instagram filters, create beautiful shareable pdfs of a time period, search term, collection, or message thread.

@SocialSafe I really like being able to export everything to PDF in an easy to read book format ...
@SimonBurford, Travel writer


Create collections of photos to be printed, discussions around your service, life events ... Collections are versatile and easily tailored to your life.

@SocialSafe almost done with my trial, and about to purchase - I have to tell you guys, you really have an awesome product! @batpigandme

We've already helped save hundreds of thousands of social network accounts. Let us help you too.

It will always be free to save, view and export your content.

You'll also get 30 days access to our Premium features today - Search, PDF export, Collections and Insights. Premium starts from just $6.99 per year.

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